Welcome to Mama + Lulu!

About The Shop

Mama + Lulu is owned by Kassy Binns of Fort Worth, Texas. She started the shop, which was previously known as Little Lulu's Bling Boutique, at her kitchen table in the spring of 2014 after her daughter, Kynslei, was born. She started the shop as a means to provide an additional income for her family after the company that she was working for shut it's doors and she was let go. It has since grown into the newly re branded shop that you see today!

Our company goal is to provide your family with fun and sassy tees, staple-piece accessories and much more!

With each purchase from the shop, you are helping support a work at home mom and giving her an opportunity to spend more quality time with her daughter. Kassy is also currently undergoing IVF to, in hopes, give her daughter Kynslei a sibling.

"I couldn't be more grateful for the community and friendships that this shop has given myself and my family over the years. Thank you for being apart of this journey with us"

- Kassy Binns